Generating a 6 Figure Income in Your Spa with a Bridal Focus

1) Packages-This is so essential to generating massive income within your spa. The Bridal Business is a market that is always growing, year round and lucrative. Brides and their parties are ready to spend money-and have a great time, so why don’t you help them enjoy an amazing experience BEFORE, DURING and AFTER her “Big Day.”

Packages should cater to both the bride as an individual and to her group, being it her mother, sisters, cousins, bridal party, etc. Additionally, create packages that cater to pre-wedding scenarios, such as weight loss, stress management, clear skin or a better complexion. Next, make packages that cater to the day of, makeup, hair, massage, cater in a lunch and champagne, etc. Finally, design post wedding packages that include lash tinting for the honeymoon, supplements to sustain weight loss and help with travel fatigue, massage upon the return from the adventure.

The power is in sustaining a returning client through various packaging structures, which creates a continual, residual income for your spa.

2) Networking-Some might cringe at this word, but in all reality, it can be one of the most rewarding and pleasurable aspects of being a spa owner, manager or even a sub-contracted employee! Networking is simply connecting to people, and sharing your life, excitement and current situation with others, and gathering their stories. Mutually, you see how you can add to the others life or lifestyle with your personal products, services and experiences.

Networking opportunities can be anything from Social Media platforms, local events like your Chamber of Commerce or church. These settings are great in getting your vision and passion out there. Additionally, you must work on partnerships, strategic partnerships that work to generate business for both parties equally! Create referral networks on your website, with mutual web links to florist, caterers, photographers and other wedding industry businesses. This boost your ranking on Google and supports the validity of your web presence and business.

Trade and do services for free on referrals that have networks in the bridal industry. Trade services for hair stylist, makeup artists, photographers, whoever can support getting the word out about your skills, and talent as a master for their bridal party.

Attend bridal shows and events to get connected to like minded business owners. Develop relationships and learn from their successes. With networking, be open, honest and available to help others. Through this mindset, other business owners will go out of their way to connect you to their client base. Authenticity is key-as is follow-up, timeliness and professionalism

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Why what your doing is not working, and your still fat.


Fresh foods support maintaining a healthy weight. 

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Trying to lose weight can be an overwhelming prospect. There are so many diets and supplements advertised for those seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. But weight loss can be achieved through a natural approach using foods and supplements. Before beginning any diet or supplement regimen, you should always consult your health care provider. Certain supplements can interfere with medications and should be avoided by people with some health conditions.


A wide variety of fruits and vegetables should be enjoyed in various quantities to ensure proper nutritional requirements are being met. When focusing on weight loss, these foods also work to get the body in an optimal state of a healthy metabolism, strong immune system, ideal circulation and increased energy. Foods to enjoy include berries and grapefruits, asparagus, apples, avocados, yams, spinach and kale. These foods are rich in nutrients and antioxidants that counteract free radical damage. They also have high concentrations of pectin, which forces fat tissue to release fat cells, according to


When considering supplements to aid in your weight loss, always consider the safety of the supplement with the help of a naturopathic doctor or dietitian. Many natural supplements exist that support the total function of the body, which in time will lead to healthy weight loss. Start with a good fiber supplement and use it as directed with plenty of water, suggests Frank W. Jackson, medical doctor and editor with Fiber is a bulking agent that moves waste material out of the body in a timely way as to avoid fermentation and bloating. Vitamin B-complex is comprised of all the B vitamins that support energy and can help you sustain a healthy exercise program, suggests the Office of Dietary Supplements. Magnesium and potassium help with muscle contraction and cell integrity.


Healthy and sustainable weight loss is a significant thing to those that have experienced years of being unhealthy and overweight. Using whole food in its natural state as your main weight loss tool is imperative. Food provides all the living nutrients to support the full working system of the body. Aim to restrict and eliminate processed, high sugar, packaged goods. Natural foods provide ample nutrition, fiber and satiation, creating an optimal environment for healthy weight loss. Eating in a natural way can support the various functions of the body to work optimally and create a foundation for weight loss success.


When you make the effort to eat as naturally, and as close to the earth as possible, many diseases and illnesses can be prevented, as the body’s immune system is working powerfully, and all the various functions of the body are in prime condition to overcome imbalances that lead to disease, suggest experts with the Mayo Clinic.


The potential for significant weight loss, increased energy and longevity are likely when natural supplements and whole foods are enjoyed as a lifestyle instead of a short term diet. Occasional splurges are OK as long as your lifestyle works in a synergistic manner of healthy eating, proper supplementation and consistent exercise. When looking for the best supplemental support, look for whole food-based vitamins as they are derived from food sources instead of created in a lab. If you want to make it really simple, watch the magic take place, <a href=”; target=”_top”>Click Here!</a>

Benefits of Green Superfood Powder Supplements

Green super-food nutrition powders are supplement products that are designed as supplemental nutrition support to your daily diet. Food items are reduced into a powder form, combined and packaged as a supplement in capsules, or to be taken through incorporating the powder into a juice or water base. These supplements provide whole food based nutrition that benefits your body. More at

Overcome Adult Acne Symptoms

Our bodies are designed to overcome disease, sickness and imbalance all by themselves. The key is that we must supply our bodies with the proper nutrition and fuel to work at its peak, as it was intended to do! If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis or any other auto immune disorder, you are probably searching desperately for the answers of how to cure the disease, or defeat the symptoms that hinder quality of life. My husband was diagnosed with MS in his twenties, and is now turning 55. Over time we have come to learn some very valuable and helpful information.

Auto immune diseases are caused by malfunctions, and miscommunications within our bodies chemistry and design. These malfunctions of sorts make the body turn on itself, damaging the very source of life it came from. Many studies continue to prove that imbalance and malnutrition create the majority of these horrific disabilities and diseases.

What we have failed to recognize in our society of quick fixes and pharmaceutical medicine, is the fact that nutrition is the key source of recovery and rehabilitation, to equip our bodies with the tools they need in order to balance, readjust and remedy the miscommunication and malfunctions within! Pharmaceutical grade prescription drugs only treat symptoms, and usually cause worse side effects in the long run, as well as potential for addiction. These chemical substances are not natural, life giving nutrition that will lead to life promoting health and longevity! Although prescription drugs may be necessary for some very specific situations, overall healthy and natural resolutions can be found from the earth and its nutritional content that our bodies were created to consume for life and health!

A variety of symptoms occur when one is diagnosed with MS. Some may include blurred vision, intense fatigue when normally there should not be any, depression, aches and pains throughout the body deep in the muscle tissue, poor balance, tingling in your extremities, and more. These symptoms greatly effect quality of life to those that deal with them on a daily basis. All this is caused by a chronic condition characterized by scars or lesions in the spinal cord and the brain.

Multiple sclerosis is a central nervous system disease, meaning it affects the brain, the spinal cord and the optic nerve. Multiple sclerosis symptoms occur because the connections between the brain and the body’s nerves are damaged. The effects of MS are often compared to the way faulty electrical wiring can lead lights to flicker. In a similar way, multiple sclerosis causes problems in signaling throughout the nervous system, which lead to symptoms such as tingling, numbness, blurred vision, and walking problems.

Although any diagnosis of disease can initially be very emotionally overwhelming and frightening, there are things that can be done on our end, as responsible and motivated people, that can change the symptoms and even the diagnosis as a whole.

I will not guarantee these results, as they depend so largely on your degree of commitment to activity and nutrition, your severity of progression with the disease, and your mental capacity to overcome adversity. What I can say, is that when these certain steps are applied diligently, consistently and passionately, you are likely to realize that you can overcome and see the life you dream of fulfilled in a very satisfying way!

First, you must get your body the nutrients it needs at the levels and purity that it needs. Second you must consistently challenge your body physically through cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. This combination will really pack a punch against symptoms caused by MS. We have discovered over time, that guessing on vitamins and minerals, amino acids and herbal treatments, was not producing the results we wanted. Recently we discovered a customized alternative that tests our bodies ability to fight toxins, nitrate levels, sulfate levels, detoxification and more. This test creates an optimal supplement that is over 98% bio-available, cold pressed to maintain living nutrients, whole food based and kosher certified! No longer does my husband struggle with ANY symptom related to MS. These whole food supplements that are created specifically to his needs, supplies his body with the ammunition it needs to overcome disease! Do you want to overcome the toxins that aim at destruction, and live with optimal health? Now you can!

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Overcome life altering, negative symptoms and live vigorously with specialized nutrition.