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Generating a 6 Figure Income in Your Spa with a Bridal Focus

1) Packages-This is so essential to generating massive income within your spa. The Bridal Business is a market that is always growing, year round and lucrative. Brides and their parties are ready to spend money-and have a great time, so why don’t you help them enjoy an amazing experience BEFORE, DURING and AFTER her “Big Day.”

Packages should cater to both the bride as an individual and to her group, being it her mother, sisters, cousins, bridal party, etc. Additionally, create packages that cater to pre-wedding scenarios, such as weight loss, stress management, clear skin or a better complexion. Next, make packages that cater to the day of, makeup, hair, massage, cater in a lunch and champagne, etc. Finally, design post wedding packages that include lash tinting for the honeymoon, supplements to sustain weight loss and help with travel fatigue, massage upon the return from the adventure.

The power is in sustaining a returning client through various packaging structures, which creates a continual, residual income for your spa.

2) Networking-Some might cringe at this word, but in all reality, it can be one of the most rewarding and pleasurable aspects of being a spa owner, manager or even a sub-contracted employee! Networking is simply connecting to people, and sharing your life, excitement and current situation with others, and gathering their stories. Mutually, you see how you can add to the others life or lifestyle with your personal products, services and experiences.

Networking opportunities can be anything from Social Media platforms, local events like your Chamber of Commerce or church. These settings are great in getting your vision and passion out there. Additionally, you must work on partnerships, strategic partnerships that work to generate business for both parties equally! Create referral networks on your website, with mutual web links to florist, caterers, photographers and other wedding industry businesses. This boost your ranking on Google and supports the validity of your web presence and business.

Trade and do services for free on referrals that have networks in the bridal industry. Trade services for hair stylist, makeup artists, photographers, whoever can support getting the word out about your skills, and talent as a master for their bridal party.

Attend bridal shows and events to get connected to like minded business owners. Develop relationships and learn from their successes. With networking, be open, honest and available to help others. Through this mindset, other business owners will go out of their way to connect you to their client base. Authenticity is key-as is follow-up, timeliness and professionalism

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